Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Dream of Italy

We vacationed in Italy last summer. I was such a lucky girl to have experienced a dream vacation, even with my family! We stayed with family in Salerno, which is in the Campania region. The best part about being in Salerno was that is right near, or the gateway to, the Amalfi Coast! From Salerno we took a ferry to Amalfi. From Amalfi we visited the other towns nearby with Ravello being my favorite. We did not have to risk our lives driving along the infamous Amalfi Coast, but still had some of that hair raising fun by taking a bus up to Ravello. From Salerno we also visited Pompeii, which was an incredible experience, which I would love to do again, by myself. We also saw some adorable towns called Vietri and Cetara. After a week in Salerno we all piled into our rental car and drove south to Sicily. The drive was lovely, but all the same, hills and sunny sky and sea, how shitty ;)
We took a ferry from the mainland to Messina, Sicily then continued to our final destination in my inlaws home town of Priolo Gargallo, a small town outside of Siracusa. While we stayed in Sicily we visited Palermo, Erice, Trapani, Cefalu, an agriturisimo in Ragusa, Mt.Etna and of course Ortigia (Siracusa). I am sharing just a really small portion of photos I took on that vacation (there were 800 total!) because I find myself craving another Italian vacation. If all goes well my desire will be fulfilled in May, but until then, I can browse through my photos!

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