Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angry Bird

Spring is in the air, well actually at this point summer is on my door step. The weather has been warming up nicely and all the signs of mother nature coming out the play are here. The trees are almost all in full foliage, flowers are blooming, birds singing, robin's nest in my tree is full of eggs and the wild turkeys have been out and about.

I live in a wonderful location where I get to enjoy many varieties of birds and those big ugly wild turkeys like to come out every spring (I assume they are nesting). This is also the time of year when I always have my camera with me. One day in particular I noticed a man in his car pulled off to the side of the road watching something in the field. I caught glance of two wild turkeys, one male and the other female. I pulled over, rolled down my window and  pointed the camera at the male turkey. He immediately became defensive and moved in for the attack. At one point he was so aggressive I grew scared and rolled up the window. He pecked at my tires and the front end of my car. When he felt satisfied that he had slayed the mini van he proceeded to attack other cars that were slowly passing by! This psycho turkey brings a whole new meaning to Angry Birds!

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