Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: All of You by Christina Lee

Avery has no desire to have a relationship, preferring to keep the men in her life as casual sexual encounters. Her troubling childhood are the main reason for her poor attitude towards love and relationships.
Bennett is the hot guy who also shares a similar background as Avery but deals with it in a much healthier and honorable manner. He is sweet and caring and 'gasp' a virgin! That's right, a sexy hot virgin according to the authors detailing of him.
That is really the whole story. Boy meets girl, they like each other. Girl wants to sleep with boy but he refuses because she doesn't want a relationship. A tale as old as time. Ha! This is where I found this story so unbelievable, hard to wrap my head around. Now I'm not saying that a guy can't be a virgin at 21, but lets be honest here, the possibility of that is pretty freaking slim. It would be just as likely as if I were to encounter a hot vampire at my local high school.
So I swallow my disbelief, pour a glass of wine and continue to read the book. First off let me say I do not like Avery. She is just that classless, trashy kind of character that I just don't care for. I don't expect the heroins in novels to be as pure as the driven snow, but perhaps if her persona was shared with the reader in a different way, I might have liked her a bit more. The sad thing is I have met a few 'Avery' type girls in my day. I found it difficult to be their friends. Call me judgemental, call me a meanie! I just didn't like  her nor do I have to!
Now Bennett is a different story. His sweetness and the physical description of him makes me like him instantly, a departure from the dark and complicated men I tend to favor in novels. If you are looking for an Alpha type man , Bennett is NOT your guy. He is honest, wears his heart on his sleeve and surprisingly innocent. He is for some reason drawn to the somewhat slutty Avery, which perplexes me as I would think that he would stick to his moral code and not date a woman who is even remotely like his mother. 
Given my dislike for Avery and my lukewarm feelings for Bennett, it is a miracle I completed the book. But I stuck to it, determined to find out if the story got any better, maybe had a few incredible drama's or love scenes. I gritted my teeth while reading solely about Avery, the only time she wasn't intolerable was when she was with Bennett.
I didn't care for this book. Sure it had its moments but it just seemed to drag on. The love scenes were few, not as passionate as I had hoped for, and the characters, mainly Avery lacked any captivating qualities, even the side kick friends annoyed me, immensely.
Near the end of the book the event that brought the young couple together was brought to light but it was done haphazard and hastily.
In all this was one of my least favorite books. Weak characters and story line, not enough to sink my teeth into...even while drinking a good Barolo!

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