Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some holiday shots fail....terribly!

With the joys of Christmas upon us, I was inspired to take some holiday themed shots of my children. The bright idea was to have them wear a lovely santa hat and pose in front of the Christmas tree. I also envisioned them peeking their adorable little faces out from a colorful wreath. I tried to get these shots over a course of two weeks. My final attempt was on the weekend, when I finally succumbed to the notion that my kids no longer 'want' to be my models. Rather, they seem to cringe the minute they see my camera appear. While I have enjoyed photographing these lovelies over the past 6 years, I now find myself without models. No longer with a muse....a friend of mine joked "Have another baby!". Yeah, I may be half crazy, but full blown madness...I think  not!

Enjoy my feeble attempts at capturing Christmas cheer with my kids!

You will notice that my delightful daughter Gabriella does not appear in this post. Gaby absolutely refused to be photographed. When I did manage to snap a candid of her she looked miserable, cranky and topped it off with a big giant snotty nose. Maybe next year ;)

So to all I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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