Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Nip, Tuck and Lots of Photoshop....What does it take to get rid of my loose skin on my freakin' belly!!!

Ok. So here I am going on a rant about something that is likely fabricated. But have you seen that crazy OctoMom Nadya Suleman on the cover of a magazine sporting a bikini?!? Wow! Now I have only had two children, not 15 or however many she has had overall. My stomach resembles cottage cheese. It hangs, it wiggles and wobbles, it causes me great amounts of distress. But then I stumble across this picture and nearly tossed the computer, tread mill and myself out the window.

Now please someone out there tell me that this woman did not loose all of that baby weight without the help of a plastic surgeon and a master at photoshop!!!! There is no f*&$#^*! way! I have been on so many different diets, tried sit up, the tread mill, took the vacum to it, nothing works for that loose flabby skin that remains after having kids, especially by c-section. There is no way that a woman who looked the way Suleman did during pregnancy could bounce back to a hot body like above. If she did, God is one cruel son of a.....seriously, why does this person have the ability to bounce back and I don't! Now that I am thoroughly pissed off I am going to drown my sorrows in a container of Limone Gelato...Stick it to Suleman!

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  1. Not a chance. way.

    Wow. That's a lot of extra skin to just disappear like that.