Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Husbands Do When Home Alone

I often wonder what my husband does when he is home alone. I am certain of what he is NOT doing (laundry, preparing a meal, changing the cat litter). But what does a 40 year old man who  has the whole 2300 square foot house to himself do. Perhaps he will watch a hockey game, have a pal over for a  beer. Maybe he will visit those "adult" websites "just to see" what is new in the world of carnal pleasure.
Or maybe, just maybe he is watching infomercials all day! I have to admit, I have been caught in the infomercial trap myself, but never have gave in to the impulse to buy the products, hence my surprise when the Slap Chop arrived at my door yesterday.

You know the product, that ShamWow guy is now pitching the Slap Chop.
At first I thought the box was addressed incorrectly. But surely my husband's name was all over the box. Then I noticed on the bill that it read Slap Chop. I open the box up and there before my eyes are 2 Slap Chop's and 2 Gratey's. WTF am I going to do with all of this stuff? I am perfectly capable of slicing and dicing my food the old fashioned way, with a knife!

Anyway, my son was so excited to see this item in the house that he is demanding to have everything chopped up in it. And sadly, I must say it is good for some things like chopping onions and garlic. I have not used it for other things yet, but plan to this weekend. I am sure of one thing though, my husband will NEVER use the thing! Why? He RARELY cooks a meal. Cooking to Corrado involves retrieving some crusty bread and some mortadella!

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