Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Favorite Food Blogs and Websites

I LOVE FOOD! I don't eat just to live. I eat because it makes me feel like living! Sadly my love affair with food has contributed to my ass needing its own postal code. But still I spend my mornings sipping coffee while at the computer (neglecting my family) searching for recipes that I can prepare. Over the years I have discovered many websites and blogs with food being the star. Many of them I return to faithfully for great recipes and appetizing photos!

Here is MY list of the best food/recipe site out there today!


2. Broke Ass Gourmet

3. Foodgawker

4. Smitten Kitchen

5. The Pioneer Woman Cooks

6. Joy The Baker

7. David Rocco

8. Foodbuzz

9. Epicurious

10.Forking Delicious!

I know there are many more, but I just shared a few with you. So now you know where to get some good recipes online.....get cookin'! Seriously, get off your but, get into the kitchen and unleash your inner chef!

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