Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Blog Award

Imagine my amazement and delight today when I come to check on my wee blog here and found a new comment from a fellow Mommy blogger and blog buddy that I was granted a Blog Award!
The wonderful lady that thought  my blog deserved a bit of recognition is a BusyMommy over at Adventures in Mommyville . Now for those of you who have not visited this site, you should. It is cute, informative, sprinkled with really fun story telling.

Now that I am a proud award winning blogger, I too shall pass the the award on to other bloggers that I feel deserve some attention and love.

Drum roll............

1. Adventures in Mommyville

2. I Love The Way She Blogs

3. Sleep Talkin' Man

4. 2 Kids....3 Martinis

5. Everyday Mom Ideas

6. Dooce

7. David Rocco

8. Dream of Italy

9. When in Rome Tours

10. The Healthy Moms

11. Hiding From The Kids

12. Sandbox Gems

13. Expatriate Games

14. Scary Mommy

15. Beyond Megapixels

I suggest that when you have some free time, check out these blogs, maybe even award one yourself! If you would like to award a favorite blog that you visit, just grab the award picture and write up a small entry about your favorite blogs!


  1. Popping by this morning while sipping my coffee and saw your award--Congratulations! Love reading your blog and was surprised you listed mine as one too. Thanks so much! Off to read some more of these wonderful blogs you have listed.

  2. @Sandbox Gems - You have a great blog and some damn cute jewelery on there too. Well deserved in my opinion :)