Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Dust Bunnies Come to Die

Dust Bunnies. Those terrible furry, dusty, allergy inducing 'things' that manage to multiply if you don't clean your house for one single day. You know what I'm talking about. It is Sunday, and you figure, if God was able to rest on the 7th day, then so am I. Well in the world of dust bunnies, this is not the case. Those pesky bits of filth just keep on breeding. They don't care that you have decided to rest for the day. They taunt you and torment you. When you walk by the sofa, you notice one peeking its furry head out and laughing at you (of this I am certain). You decide "Meh, they can wait just one more day."

Today I decided to go on a Dust Bunny trapping spree. Wow! What a freakin' mess! It appeared as though I had not cleaned my home in over a month. Either that or dust bunnies from my neighbor's homes escape to my house. I am certain that my home, especially under my sofa and bed, is where these things love to congregate and have wild parties. I often find popcorn and cheerios amongst their mess. Either that or those annoying hairballs come to my place to die. Well if death is what they seek, I shall give!

I dusted and vacumed those little buggers up only to walk by the sofa again a few hours later and see that they were already starting to grow. What is with dust bunnies? Are they on steroids? Do they lay little dusty eggs that hatch every 15 minutes? I wish that my home had a floor that was self vacuming!

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