Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick Kids, Blown Stoves and Stupid People

It has been a bit of time since I last posted anything. It hasn't been months or years, it feels like it though. One of the things I have grown to love about blogging is that it is somewhat therapeutic. It gives me a forum where I can rant and rave or get all moon eyed over some camera gear, all without disturbing my family.

I have enjoyed searching for content for the blog and dressing it up so it is all cute and whatnot. My content may  not be up to par with the top bloggers out there, but I am not looking to make a living out of this. Just to escape my everyday bullshit. It was that everyday shite that kept me away from here for a few (long) days.
But shit is what I have had lately. Both of my kids have been sick. In fact we have been riddled with illness for over a month now. First it was a stomach flu which was no walk in the park. I was knee deep in puke for about a week as both the kids cycled through the bug twice!! Then I thought I was in the clear but then my little one ended up with a fever of 103 on Friday morning. I was lucky to get  her into the pediatrician (which is much more like a zoo than a medical office). The poor thing was diagnosed with strep throat and a bronchial infection.  To make matters even worse, my stove blew its element this weekend and also blew the circuit board. I had nothing to cook on. This is not a good thing when you have 2 kids who are picky eaters and demand pasta at least once a day. Then my poor husband thought he would keel over from malnutrition. Sure I could use my microwave but I'd rather eat rubber than food that comes out of that box. So I had to bbq everything, which is great, but not when it is sub zero outside!

On Sunday and my daughter wanted to come along. She now has a terrible hacking cough. I popped into the grocery store/drug store (yeah one of those super centers) to pick up some supplies when Gaby had a coughing fit. As we were walking down the isle and she was coughing I saw this woman look at us with disdain and fear in her eyes. She turned her cart around and went the opposite direction. Now I can assure you, I did not know this woman, never saw her before, I am sure I could never have offended her in anyway. I could only conclude that she did not want to walk by the germ breading factory that is my 3 year. I was actually miffed at first, but then chuckled. This is what society has come to. We fear every germ, every virus like it going to kills us! I personally think it is ridiculous. I bet that woman, pushing her germ infested shopping cart did not disinfect  her hands before she touched it. I would also bet that along the way she coughed or sneezed old school into her hands. I bet she didn't wash her hands after going to the potty! But this woman was afraid of a coughing 3 year old. Well to that frigid lady I say "AAAAAhHHaaahHHH CCCHHHOOOOOO!" all over her snotty little hands!

I have ranted. I am free.

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