Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dr. Oz Belly Fat Blaster - hmmmmmm......

I, like many women out there, suffer from "Mummy Tummy". You know, that jiggly, unsightly blubber that remains after having kids (especially by c-section). If you are like me, you also gain weight right in your middle. I have been trying to loose weight for a while now, but always find myself feeling unsatisfied, see no results and always hungry.

While shopping last week I picked up a copy of Women's World magazine. This is a paper I never buy, but there was Dr.Oz on the front with his happy go lucky grin. So I looked. In this issue there is an article on Dr. Oz's "Belly fat-blasting smoothie". Naturally I got all of the ingredients and started the 'diet' the very next day. Since I have been doing this, I feel fantastic. I have lost 3 lbs so far in almost a week. Of course I drink the smoothie every morning and eat all of the suggested menu items listed in the article. I have energy, don't feel hungry and find I crave sugar less!

I went to  his website today, to see if there was more information on a meal plan that I can follow. I discovered that the recipes on his site and in the magazine vary in a few ingredients. I am not sure if his is better or not, but I will give it a go next week.

So if you are interested here is the recipe that I found in Women's World magazine.

In blender whip:
1 cup of juice (any variety) (I prefer orange juice)
1/2 banana or 3/4 berries (I used blueberries only - bananas bind me)
2 tbs whey powder
2 tbs ground flaxseed
1 tbs ground psyllium husk
1 tbs chia seeds (I use ground)
1 tbs wheat germ
600 mg fish oil (from supplement caspules, break open and add oil only or just take the pill while drinking smoothie)
3 ice cubes*This is very tasty and filling!
**Expect wonderful BM's!
***I also drink 2 cups of green tea a day (my own little addition to this meal plan)

Now on Dr. Oz's website his recipe is as follows:

1/2 large ripe banana, broken into chunks (or other fruit of your choice)
1 scoop (1/3 cup) Soy Protein (like Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein)
1/2 tablespoon flaxseed oil
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 tablespoon apple juice concentrate or honey
1 teaspoon psyllium seed husks
8 ounces water

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Optional: Add a few cubes of ice, as well as powdered vitamins. Cover; blend until fairly smooth.

Now I am a realist. I know that the troublesome blubber won't just 'drop' off without effort on my part. Dr. Oz suggest's that walking everyday for about 30 minutes (brisk pace) will help you to drop the weight. So will some simple ab exercises. I will be honest, I'm lazy....I went on the tread mill once for 30, the next day I took a stroll with the kids, the day after I cleaned the house. That has been the extent of my exercise! Perhaps if I did I would see better results!

Time to get my fat ass away from this computer and walk across the street to get my son from his bus! Hah! There, I just exercised!


  1. Love Dr. Oz, and love smoothies! I started making green drinks over the past year and a half by using a greens powder and adding to juice or fruit smoothies, find them to be great for energy, weight loss, clearing of the skin, and keeping one moving (BMs). I also use coconut water for my smoothies, very high in potassium and not a lot of calories and sugar that is found in juice.
    Freezing sliced banana is great too to thicken up smoothies.
    I like what you write here, I am now following along.


  2. Sounds pretty good. 3 lbs gone in a week? I could use that jump start. The more I blog and spend time on the computer, the wider my butt seems to get. I have got to go exercise. Keep up the inspiration. I am following vicariously.

  3. @Sandbox Gems - Yes, it is a good jump start! I have now lost 5lbs! And that was with cheating (could not give up red wine on the wkend!)

  4. So how are you doing so far with this? Is the fiber too much? do you have to stay near a bathroom?

  5. @Anonymous - I do not find the fiber to be too much, although I do drink plenty of water to ensure I do not get plugged up :)
    I do no need to be near a bathroom either, I have regular, healthy movements which is something I have always had trouble with!

  6. GREAT testimony!! I, too have been taking the "smoothie" each and every morning since buying the magazine, along with walking 3.2 miles each and every day....(except once a week I only walk 1.1 mile to "trick" my body a little!!!)....I have DEFINITELY seen a huge increase in inches lost and a 5 lb. weight loss at least. ( different times of day mean different readings on the scale!!) I WILL however caution anyone expecting a sweet, true smoothie taste to be ready for a disappointment....I have had to work with it a little to use apple juice to make it easier to just guzzle down, and I leave out the fish oil as I always take that with my calcium supplement and Vitamin D supplement in capsule form anyhow. But...I can honestly say that after 2 weeks of drinking one for breakfast I really don't mind it now......Just be sure and drink PLENTY of water each day to help your body get used to the sudden increase in fiber.....Keep it up Mamma!!!

  7. @Anonymous - I have lost 7lbs now. I am fitting into my clothes more comfortably as well. I do not expect great weight loss, but have decided to make this smoothie a part of my regular diet. I will continue to drink it every morning for breakfast. I feel great! I actually enjoy the flavor of the smoothie. I use a vanilla flavored whey powder, pure orange juice (or sometimes a pure juice blend of pineapple, mango and passionfruit). I almost always use frozen blueberries (fewer calories), but will change it up once or twice a week with a banana or melon and strawberries. This is great for me since I have never been a big fruit eater! I make sure I get my fish oil in capsule form, I don't add it to the drink either. I also take a vitamin supplement and drink lots of green tea. I also make a smoothie 2 times a week for lunch, but add some yogurt to it for added kick (omit the psylium - I fear getting plugged up!)
    I ensure that my snacks always have a vegetable, I also snack on almonds and walnuts. My dinners usually have fish or chicken (4oz) and lots of veggies (at least 3/4 of the plate).
    I think this can become a regular lifestyle change for me...I rather enjoy eating this way!

  8. OKAY!
    I am inspired. Need inspiration.
    Tried the shake & like it.
    Heading into it full force tomorrow.
    How goes it with everyone else that has been on it for a while? any other meal or snack ideas/tips/advice?

  9. Excited to start this plan. Can someone list what else was mentioned in the Dr. Oz article however, for the exercise and menu options. And anything else that might be important to know.

  10. @Anonymous - other menu items suggested in this article are as follows.
    Snacks: 1 thinly sliced apple, sprinkle with cinnamon. layer on parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 250 for 2 hours (makes nice crisps), 1 cup sliced raw veggies and 1/4 cup guacamole for dipping, 1 cup fat free yogurt and 1 tbs low sugar jam, berries and cottage cheese, 15 almonds (this is my favorite go to because I can take them anywhere).
    Lunch: 2 oz lean turkey (deli), low fat cheese, 6 whole wheat crackers, 1 cup reduced sodium veggie soup (for the soup I make that god awful cabbage soup from that terrible cabbage soup diet and often use it as a snack as well). It also recommends tuna (I also use salmon) My fave lunch is one slice of Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Bread toasted with about 1/4 cup of salmon (mixed with low fat mayo) and a bunch of alfalfa sprouts.
    Dinner: 4 oz chicken breast,1 baked sweet potato and 1 cup broccoli. or 3/4 Cup cooked whole wheat pasta, 3oz lean gr. beef and 1/2 canned tomato chunks, 2 cups baby spinach salad with 2 tbs light dressing.
    Of course these are just menu suggestions, but they are pretty good and easy to stick with.
    Exercise - it is suggested that you get out for a 1/2 hour brisk walk everyday. If brisk is not your speed I suggested walking longer, make it an hour. Bored of walking, go for a bike ride but again go for at least 1/2 hour! That being said, this will be my downfall...I am just too damned lazy ;)