Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Break.....Madness!!!!

Well we are now 2 days into "March Break" and I officially want to dive into a bottle of wine and not come up for air until Sunday!

Like many parents out there, you feel a great deal of pressure to entertain your precious angels during the winter break (aka nervous break) with outings, crafts, movies, dinners out....you try to give them an amazing week of fun and entertainment. Now I am not saying that my adorable offspring are spoiled rotten (except the little one...she IS a bit of a  DIVA), and I try not to give into their every demand. But like most mom's I asked what they would like to do with their time off from school. Of course the answers were typical for their 6 and 3 year old mindset. "Let's go to the zoo Mommy!"...sure a good idea...if  you would walk and not expect me to pull you along in the wagon (essentially dragging a good 80lbs of dead weight). "Let's do some crafts!"....sure...if you didn't get paint everywhere else other than the paper it was intended for. 

Today's activity was an excursion to Reptilia. A small "zoo" housing reptiles and amphibians. The kids really enjoy seeing all of the snakes, lizards, crocs and what not. But the walk through takes only about an hour, and that is if you linger at an exhibit or two! Of course, like most touristy places, the venue has a "gift shop", right at the exit of the "zoo". I normally avoid these shops like the plague, but today, I decided to reward my sweet children for being so good while we walked through the exhibit.  I bought them each a snake (which they later used as weapons in the car). So for 1 hour I dished out $40 to see some snakes and lizards! I also stopped at a small municipal airport so the kids could see the planes. They were fortunate enough to see an Air Ambulance loading a patient and taking off. They were sooo excited. They stood just a few feet away from the chopper and got a real sense of how load and windy it would be. I thought for sure I was going to be a hero, that they would do whatever I asked them to! Yeah, I am one big fool!

Alas it was time to eat. Sebastian asked if we could go to Burger King. Sure...I have been dieting, but I will give in for the love of my kids (not the Whopper). We place our order, sit down to eat and all hell broke loose. The kids started fighting with each other, refused to eat their food, whined and cried about everything. I packed up the food and we left.  Let the buggers starve.

On the way home I had to stop to get some milk and bread. Rather than drag the whining little shits through the grocery store, I opted to pop into one of those super drugstores. The touched everything they could get their hands on. My daughter grabbed an ovulation test kit and yells out "Mommy I want this!". My son tried to play hide and seek and I lost him 3 times (this all in a span of about 5 minutes). By the time I reached the cash with my bag of milk I felt like holding up the chemist for Zanax! We got back in the car, the snakes became weapons again, my son picked his nose until it bled and Gabriella would not stop singing the "ABC's".
Needless to say the minute I arrived  home, I turned on the boob tube, sat them in front of it, poured a glass of wine and tried to hold back my tears. I calmed down, came to the computer to rant here a bit, then realized that I still have 5 more days of this hell!

Someone, please put me out of my misery!

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  1. We always have the best of intentions for breaks--go see the museums, sites, play dates, movies etc. That all goes to procrastination when they are content to stay in their jammies all day and play Wii and go on computer. Yah, I am up for mommy of the year, don'tcha know??? It is bad when you hear, mom, get off your blog and come play with us! Guilt, Guilt, Guilt. Treat at McDonalds? SURE!!! I need some fries too.