Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kids Do and Say The Funniest Things

If you are a parent, you understand that one of the greatest things about kids are the small things that they say or do. Sometimes they have you questioning your parenting style, other times you wonder where they learn some of the things they say (because we all know that WE as parents never say things that our kids will  pick up...right?!).

Case in  point. The other night my husband enjoyed a big bowl of peanuts. He likes the ones that he shells himself, so needless to say it can become rather messy. The following morning, Sebastian woke before the rest of the house. He obviously came downstairs to watch some cartoons and walked across peanut shell remnants and was ticked off because he proceeded to write a note for my husband. It is also obvious that this amazing 6 year old boy has heard me bitch and complain about the mess often enough to think he was doing me a favor.
 When I asked Sebastian why he wrote the note he said "there was a friggin' mess every where. It is gross. So I told Daddy he is not allowed to have peanuts any more!" Brilliant! My husband swears that he will now clean up after his peanut munching so that he doesn't have to find bossy notes from his son!
Thanks Sebastian!


  1. That is a keeper for the memory book! Too funny.

  2. oh jeez that is one of those moments that you will never forget, I bet you will keep that draw forever and you will show it to your soon when he will be older.

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