Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wishing Summer Would End

I wish summer would end! I know what you are thinking, is this woman nuts? Well, yes, yes I am! Having my two cute but tiresome kids at home all to myself all summer is exhausting! Oh and the heat....holy cannoli!

Living here in Canada, where we have long cold winters, all I can do is whine about how freaking cold it is outside and how I long for warm summer days. But my love affair with the summer season comes to a bitter end usually by the time the first heat wave hits! Sadly, this summer has been nothing but a heat wave!

Like much of North America this has been one heck of a hot and humid summer so far. Nearly everyday is 29 or 30 then you factor in the humidity and you are close to 40! Humidity is not my friend! I am one of those gals who had the kind of  hair that looks like I stuck my tongue in a light socket while holding a fork into another socket at the same time. My poor daughter is also cursed with humidity hating hair. Then there is that almost oppressive air that comes with hot humid days, you know the days where a person with pretty good lungs even struggles to breath.

Bitching about the heat, humidity, dying grass and plants aside, I have also run out of ideas for entertaining my kids. I used up just about every activity and excursion in my arsenal. I even went camping and to Myrtle Beach! Two trips I really never wanted to do! If I had my way I would be sitting somewhere in the Amalfi Coast sipping Limoncello and watching attractive Italian men walk by.

As the final weeks of the kids summer vacation are coming to an end, I find that bit of excitement bubbling up inside me again. I no longer feel like a burnt out old hag who has seen way too many years. I feel somewhat rejuvenated! I started back to school shopping! While the cheap money pincher in me wants to save money, the trapped Mom in me wants to get all the things the kids need to go back to school. Never before has a pencil case looked so darned appealing! The smell of crayons is intoxicating, the sad look on my eldest childs face as he realizes that his summer fun is drawing to an end is priceless!!! Cruel, nah, just happy. I am happy to finally get a little bit of myself back when September arrives. Do I want cold weather, hell no! But I surely do not want to live in Hades either. I am a fall girl! I love the autumn. The cooler air, colors of the trees, pumpkins and the harvest...all of it. Bring on Autumn!!!

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  1. My daughter has been in summer camp for all but 3 weeks of the summer and I've been working. I just got back from two weeks with her and while really fun, I too was running out of ideas. I can only imagine an entire summer!