Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Braless In Public....Would You?

A few weeks ago I was watching The Talk a show that I have grown rather fond of over the summer. One of the topics was Would You Go Braless in Public. Not a topic that I would give to much thought to in general. I have been out and about many times and encountered a woman or two who had no bra. Usually these women were young, childless and not overly endowed. They looked perfectly fine to me.

Then it happened. I was for the first time ever insulted, disgusted dare I say by seeing a woman in her mid 40's going braless. What a horror show that was! Seriously! The vision of the woman will be etched in my mind for many years to come. Normally, I could care less about such trivial things as how people dress in public, but this woman looked like a street walking junkie, and I am pretty sure she was not. I saw her while at the grocery store. Problem number 1 right there. Obviously her nipples were erect due to the cold temperature in the store. To make it even more disturbing,  her nipples popped out roughly around the area of her belly button....enough said! What made the whole sight even more frightful was that she was wearing a pair of skin tight, ultra short cut off jean shorts, and a bright pink g-string peaking out for all to see. Even more disturbing she was with a teen aged girl who I can only assume was her daughter. The daughter was dressed just like the mother, right down to no bra and showing g-string.

I can't believe that I am being so silly about such a small thing. Perhaps I am a tad bit jealous that I don't have the stones to go braless in public. Sure, the minute I walk through the door that bra comes off and I free the girls. I never have had an issue with sagging and all....I haven't much in that department, frankly I consider myself lucky. Even if my boobs are still perky, I would not go out in public without a bra. Nobody wants to see my 'headlights'. I am sure that my 7 year old son who was shopping with me at the time, did not want to see that woman's tata's either!

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