Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why Some People Should Not Be Parents

It is no secret  that parenting is a tough job. I would like to think that many of us who chose to become parents did not go into it blindly and expect it to be a cake walk, to smell like a bed of roses. Quite frankly it is often like walking on egg shells and reeks of shit! But if you are a good parent (not perfect...perfect parents do not exist and don't let anyone tell you otherwise) you know there will be challenges and you opt to make decisions that are in the best interest of your kids. You feed them a healthy diet, you provide them with all the necessities of life. Discipline is difficult but you do it because you know it will help your child to grow and become a responsible adult. You love you kids unconditionally. They are your world, your light, your everything. You would do anything (within reason) for your children. You do not abuse them physically or emotionally. You shower them with attention and affection. These actions and choices make you a good parent. Sure we often catch ourselves making poor parenting choices, but being the good person that  you are, you make sure it doesn't happen again. Your a good parent.

Then you watch the news and stumble through blogs and social media and are astounded that there are a large number of people out there that are just Horrible parents. Period. Too many to mention, too many to dwell on. From the idiot Mom who leaves her sleeping infant in the car seat while she goes shopping for 3 hours in sweltering heat, to the Dad who beats his toddler to the point that he suffers severe brain damage. There are way too many of these horror stories floating around out there. Which brings me to my next examples of poor parenting ( or just plain dumb ass people ). We have all seen photos like this on the internet. But I thought I would share a few with you anyway, just to drive home the point that some people are just crappy parents.

I am sure that the parents who took some of these photos thought it was cute or funny that the kid was playing with a bong or guns. Its all right to smoke a giant doobie while your kid sits on your shoulders...isn't it? It was funny putting the baby in the microwave. NOT! I firmly believe that people need to be licensed to have children.

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