Friday, September 2, 2011

My Crush on Dave Grohl....Is this normal at my age?

When I was a teenager I had so many "crushes" on boys at school or Hollywood celebs it was nauseating. The walls of my bedroom were plastered with posters of Johnny Depp, River Phoenix and Michael Hutchins (INXS). For hours I would day dream about one day meeting one of these hunks and have him fall madly in love with me. Sadly that never did happen.

In my twenties I had a few crushes, but my infatuations with celebrities came to an end. Sure I thought Brad Pitt was a hunk, I still do. But I did not fantasize about him. I had crushes on real men now. Of course these were just the guys I would chase more for the game than to actually catch him. Then I met my hubby when I was 23. We started dating and all the men in the world no longer interested me.

Now I am 39 years old and finding myself developing a crush on a celebrity. It is the funniest thing. I feel the same way I did when I was 15 and loved Johnny Depp! I get all excited looking for any bit of information on the person as I can find. In this case my crush is on Dave Grohl, the front man, uber awesome musician and rock God of the Foo Fighters. I find this so humorous because it seems silly to crush on a man who is a tad older than I am, who is married with children and frankly he is not Brad Pitt. But he has the boyish charm or sillyness about him that I just can't resist!

I have long been a fan of Dave Grohl from his days as the drummer for Nirvana to present. I have followed his career closely and have always admired him. But trouble started brewing with the release of the Foo Fighters latest album Wasting Light. The first song released just got me. I was ensnared. Then I watched the documentary Back and Forth that they released and decided at that point that I love Dave Grohl. He appears to be a regular guy who just happens to be a rock star. He seems normal for lack of better word. He often displays a great sense of humor which is probably what caused this crush of mine in the first place. From the funny Foo video's to Fresh Pots, Suing Scissor Sisters and Hot Buns....Dave Grohl proves he is a funny guy.

I have taken my fondness for Dave Grohl and all things Foo Fighters and am trying diligently to shove it down my husbands throat. I am forcing him to have a man crush on Dave Grohl and I have him pretty hooked! I figure I just can't look like a fool all by myself....strength in numbers and all.

So all these thoughts of running off with Mr. Grohl into the sunset are pretty childish, it begs to question, is this normal? Is it normal for a happily married woman of my age to crush on a rock star? Please tell me I am somewhat normal! I also wonder, how many other gals out there are like me, who do you have a crush on?

So this near middle aged woman will shuffle off now and browse for some more You Tube content featuring Dave Grohl while my kids stare at me all bewildered "Mommy do you know that guy, you watch him a lot on the computer".
xoxo Mr. Grohl


  1. Lol i know how you feel im 14 and i have a massive crush on dave grohl and tim burton and i have to admit that maybe i did dream about them meating me and all letting me play on his dg-335 anyway i think its pretty normap to have a crush on a rockstar especially dave ! Xxx

  2. OMG I am much older than you (and Dave) but I totally share your passion (and your name)Fell for Dave in a big way some years ago and he has got me through some tough times. I think your crush is totally normal at any age - how could you not love Mr. Grohl. Like I say I am older than you and I do consider him my perfect man.

  3. Oh, this is too weird... I was quietly browsing the internet for info on my dearly beloved mr. Grohl when I stumbled upon your blog and this particular post. Hello soulmate! I am 34 years old and have the same feeling about Dave as you. I totally have a crush on him! I live in sweden though, but I also try to get my husband as interested as I am about this wonderful man and everything he does. Happily, my man is up for it. Maybe he doesn´t love him the way I do, but he actually introduced me to the Foo. I was a Nirvana fan in my teens but then I lost grip of that part in music. Lucky, lucky I met my husband ten years ago! ;)
    Just wanted to say hello and tell you that you are not alone!

  4. OMG- try being a 56-year old divorced cougar on HRT!!! I get dave-gasms from just looking at that man.. If and when I do get on the dating websites, I'm doing the cougar ones with the requirement that they are no older than 45-(oooowheeeee- sexiest time of their lives) and look very much like my God, Dave Grohl, sexiest dude I have ever seen. BTW-I really go nuts when he's doing acoustic stuff and gets that "catch" and then that "crack" in his voice. I feel 13 again and plan on getting posters! Oh Dave, Dave, Dave... ("now thar's something for the bedroom walls") Enjoy...