Saturday, May 1, 2010

Children's Parties Have Lost Their Appeal

I remember not that long ago, about 6 1/2 years to be exact, when the weekend came and it used to be mine, all mine. Once you have kids, the weekend becomes all about your family which is also wonderful. It is lovely being able to wake up in the borning, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, then choose what you would like to do for the day. As the kids get older you start to loose some of that freedom that you love about the weekend. The kids are scheduled for soccer, swimming or hockey. You notice that your kids social schedules also start to fill up.

In the last month and a half, my kids have been invited to 8 birthday parties. One weekend we had two! Now this should not be too big of a problem, it is just that I find your whole day revolves around your kid attending his/her friend's party. From the moment they wake until they lay their heads down at night all you hear about is "Bobby's" birthday. Quite frankly, unless the kid is a member of my family, I could not care less about some other kids birthday. But stupid me, I RSVP yes to all the invites lately. To date I have dished out over  $160 for inexpensive gifts for kids I do not know.

Why you ask, do I say yes to all these parties. Well, I don't have the heart to look into my beautiful son's eyes and tell him no. Also, since he goes to senior kindergarten and will be starting the first grade in September, I would like to meet some of the kids he plays with and their parents as well. Yes I admit, I am there basically to get the scoop on the parents and decide whether their child is worthy of being my kids friend. If a parent shows up drunk, dressed like a street walker, is rude and cusses at their kids, I put up my red flags and try to encourage my kid to play with the children of parents that I have given the thumbs up. Sometimes it is the other way around, perhaps the kid is just a total terd, there are some out there that are like that. No matter how nice the parent(s) may seem, their kid is just a brat. That is also a child that I do not want mine to play with.

This weekend my daughter is scheduled to attend a birthday party for a little boy in her nursery school. I chose to go to this party because I have gotten to know the Mom and extended family over the last two years that our kids have attended the day care. They are nice people, the boy is as cute as a button and a real joker too! I also like majority of the moms that bring their offspring to the nursery school. This to me looks more like a chance to socialize with the Mums than it does for Gaby to party with one of her many "boyfriends".

But I do have to say, I have now formed an opinion of most of the kids in my son's class as well as my daughters. This will be the last party of the year for my kids. Any more invitations will be given a no. I know this will break their little hearts, but frankly, I would rather spend money on a gift for my kid than for some random child. Besides, that time I waste at the party could be well spent cleaning my house, preparing a meal, shopping, sleeping or spending time with my family. Also the money I spend on a gift could buy a bottle of wine, and Lord knows I always need wine after one of these events!

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