Thursday, November 11, 2010

If I Had Super Powers

The 2010 fall television season has brought a new show that I have been enjoying quite a bit. I don't know what it is about the show that I like so much, I assume it is because I have always had a soft spot for Michael Chiklis, or that I like Julie Benz because she was on my favorite show Dexter. Or maybe because I wish I had super powers like the Powell family! But ABC's No Ordinary Family has become one of my guilty pleasures this year.

Generally speaking I do not enjoy shows about superheros but this one is done in such a light hearted manner that it appealed to me. The fact that this was an ordinary family until they were in a plane crash and came out unscathed with super powers really appeals to me. I wonder which super power I would like to have. Would I be greedy and want a whole array of powers? You bet your sweet ass I would! Here is my greedy list of super powers that I would like to have and why!

1. Telepathy -  ability to read the thoughts of and/or mentally communicate with someone. Like "Matt Parkman" of Heroes and "Daphne Powell" of No Ordinary Family,  I would want this power the most. I think being able to know what people are thinking could provide you with the most pwere. Just think about what you could do with this. You suspect your husband is cheating on his mind, you will get the truth and be able to use the knowledge to  your advantage!

2. Mind Control - the ability to alter the perceptions of others; the general ability to control others actions with the mind. This would be super cool! Just imagine, your tired after a long day of doing nothing (after all you already used this power earlier in the day..) and you would like a nice meal cooked and served to you. All you have to do is plant the idea in your spouses mind, control them, have them do your bidding! Awesome I say!

3. Super Speed - ability to move faster than the speed of light! Really how useful would that be. Just think of all the things you could accomplish in a day and still have time to read peoples minds and control them. Damn! That would be really amazing! Oh how I wish I was like "Stephanie Powell" of No Ordinary Family or the Silver Surfer!

4. Omniscient - the ability to know everything and anything. Wow! Again this comes in handy when you are trying to control your husbands mind! Just a thought.


5. And last but not least Accelerated Healing - the ability to heal rapidly from injuries, illness and possibly slow the aging process! Hell yes! When your busy trying to rule the world with your mind control you don't have time to waste on being ill! And lets face it, the slower you age, the longer you will be able to rule the world!!

I am sure you agree that having  these powers would make me one heck of a super Mom! Or maybe like one of my personal favorite cartoon characters of all The Brain - I would be best equipped to RULE THE WORLD!! I'm just sayin'.

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