Monday, November 29, 2010

Note to Retailers...Mind Your Own Business!

With the holiday season upon us, we are all making the mad dash to retail stores to purchase gifts for out loved ones. I love this time of year, it makes me feel all tingly inside to spoil my kids. I enjoy the rush I get when I know that I found the perfect gift for someone. But one thing I really Do Not Like is when the cashiers at these retail stores always ask you for some form of personal information such as your postal code or email address. Which begs to question...why?

What really bothers me about this process which the retailers claim is for marketing purposes (sure it is) is that the cashier never explains why they are asking for your information. Like brain washed robots they just demand your data and sometimes add please. The only time they explain the reason for asking  is when you question them as to why they are asking for your information! I would think that if retailers want this information to compile a customer profile then they should be obligated to say so directly, honestly and explain that to the customer up front.

I used to give my address and number out until my husband one day asked me why I did. I did not have an answer. It did not dawn on me to ask why they wanted to know my information. I just went with the flow, everyone else gave their info so why wouldn't I...there must be a reason for their asking I thought.  Whatever the reason, you are not obligated to give them your information. So why does everybody do it?

I no longer give my information out and when asked for it I always ask the person at the register why they want to know my personal information. Often times they seem shocked that I even say no. But when I put them on the spot they fumble for an answer. I have been to a few stores that were so aggressive in trying to gain my data that I was stunned. First they wanted my phone number, then my postal code and lastly my email address. Each time I said no but the cashier was relentless!

This practice by retailers has become one of my biggest pet peeves. Seriously, my skin itches when I think about it. It does not bother me that the stores are trying to build on their business, I just can't stand the mindless, deliberate and unattached way they go about it. They should have signs at the check out the explains the reason for the process and also inform customers that they in no way have to comply. Just a thought!

I found another really good article about this topic here, give it a read and see if you will be sharing your information so easily next time.

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  1. Yeah, I stopped giving that out a while ago. When they ask I just say no thanks and they just say okay. It hasn't been a problem other than a few who say oh, you'll miss out on email savings discounts, blah blah blah. Rarely do they give you a hard time though.