Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 Reason Why I Love Fall

For as long as I can remember I have always loved fall. It is my favorite season. As the summer draws to an end I start to get excited about the new season that is just around the corner.  I compiled a list of my top then reasons for loving fall. What do you love about the autumn season?

10 Reasons Why I Love Fall

10. Pumpkin Pie! I don't need to say much about this fall time favorite except for YUMMY!

9. Scary Movies! I have always been a fan of horror movies and look forward to the autumn when a bunch of new scary flicks are released in theatres. I also enjoy viewing some of my old favorites like The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby. As it gets closer to Halloween my hubby and I enjoy fright nights and watch spooky films, drink hot apple cider all under the glow of candle light! Love it!

8. New TV season. I look forward to the return of all of my favorite show come September. I find that watching the boob tube in the summer is just awful so welcome the much needed entertainment at the end of a long hard day.

7. Fall Colors. I absolutely love the color of the leaves in the autumn. The bright reds, oranges and yellows are so enticing. I find myself at least once every fall finding a big pile of leaves that I can just jump into and smell that sweet decay. It is also my favorite time of year to go for long drives in the country or walks in the forest.

6. Fall Harvest. I love to visit farmers markets this time of year. It is partly because I just love eating squash and corn and all of the other great bounty, but again I love to see the colors and textures of the harvest!

5. Thanksgiving! This is a great time of year to get together with your family; immediate and distant, and share in some great food and great times. It is also a cue for us in our household to start thinking about Christmas shopping!

4. I feel creative. For some reason all of the great colors, food and crisp cool air bring out the creative mom in me. I spend a great deal  of time taking walks with my camera, decorating for Halloween and coming up with fun costumes for the kids (and myself).

3. Halloween! This is one event that we love in our family. Hubby and I take it very seriously. We look forward to turning our front lawn into a graveyard, having Jack-o-lanterns all over the house, spooky music, candle light and so much more. We thrive on taking the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood; I guess it helps that the community as a whole gets right into the holiday as well. Best of all, hubby and I love to raid the kids candy bags once they have gone to bed. Chocolate for me, chips for hubby!

2. Cooler temperatures means more clothing! Yes! I look forward to this point in the year when summer has ended and the requirement to wear less clothing comes to an end. No longer do I have the shove my wobbly bits into tiny sundresses. No longer do I have to wear tanks that show the blubber on my arms. Goodbye shorts that display all the cottage cheese of my posterior. Hello jeans and warms knits, hooray for hoodies. The best part is that it is not so cold that you need to wear winter jackets, mits, hats and all that stuffy fashion that winter requires!

1. The number one reason for loving fall so much...pretty obvious to a lot of parents out there....BACK TO SCHOOL time for the ankle biters!!! Its the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Okay, I like fall for a bunch of these reasons too but I still LOVE summer. Passing on a blog award to you. Check out my latest post for details and have a great day!